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Re: Painting resin

From: adrian@i... (Adrian Bruce)
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 02:16:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Painting resin

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>> nuqneH,
>> I recently received a batch of resin buildings from GZG, and they are
>> excellent.  Now, I would like to do them some justice when sanding
>> painting, and would like to get some tips and tricks from people that
>> done this.  So, a couple of questions:

Something else I can contribute on!

>>1. What can one use to glue resin to resin / white metal to resin? 

SuperGlue or 5minute epoxy ( Araldite or what ever. The stuff comes in
2 small tubes you have to mix). epoxy is stronger.

>>2. How can one clean the resin parts (also remove the 'flash')? 

Remove flash with the back of edge of an Exacto knife. For thick
pouring gates you need to use a razor saw and clean up with files.

>>3. Paints - what are the recommendations ito type etc?

Before painting you should very lightly scrub ( so you don't scratch
or remove details!)the parts with an old toothbrush and a cleaner like
'JIF'.	It will remove the release agent *if any was used*. Paint
doesn't stick to release agent. 

White Metal parts should really be 'polished', so the oxidation
doesn't lift the paint later...

Use a Gray Primer for Car to prime the surface. NOTHING shows up
faults like a coat of gray primer! 
Fill any bubbles with putty. Tiny holes can be filled with Tamiya putty
thinned with Laquer thinner ( you use the same stuff to thin sculpey
so it can be 'painted in' the bubbles. I always use Wet and Dry used wet
for cleaning this stuff up.

If you want to paint light colors, I would then spray a white
undercoat of your prefered flavour ( acrylic, enamel or laquer) over
the gray primer.

Then paint the thing with the same flavour ( acrylic, enamel or

I personally use either Tamiya acrylics or Liquidex (sp?) artist

Then overcoat it with a Gunze Flat Clear, but this might not exist
outside Japan.	

>>4. Anything else I should bear in mind?

Don't paint enamel over acrylic, or laquer over enamal or acrylic, but
acryclic over enamel or laquer is OK!

Test what ever clear you use too see if it destroys the paint you have

Oh, and have fun!

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