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Re: AIs and such...

From: Peggy & Jeff Shoffner <pshoffner@e...>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 02:49:28 -0400
Subject: Re: AIs and such...

having to make morale checks.
> Something I admire about GZG rules in general...."conservation of game
> effect" that says that a stand of infantry is just a stand of
> infantry, or a battery is a battery, and you really don't care what
> the trivial details are......

I have to agree; I've had to plough through scores of "AI" posts, and
gotten anything useful (gamewise) from it.  Just to underscore the AI 
arguement even further, when I mentioned the debate raging on this
round robin to a gaming buddy, his reaction was first, a chortle of 
amusement/contempt, followed by, "Automated fighters?  Then explain to
me how 
you can have the Aces/Turkeys rule."  Let's face it:  (A) FT is runned
as if 
the ships were manned by humans, (B) trying to make 'allowances' for 
something otherwise will continue to complicate what is supposed to be a

simple to play game.  I started playing FT for one reason, and one
only; it was a fun tactical game that WASN'T Squad Leader, WH40K, etc. 
previous games weren't fun.  Why?  'Cuz you'd have to take fifteen
minutes to 
argue out labrythine rules that would make the IRS weep.

Has anyone noticed that the one person who could make a judgement call
on all 
of this (ie Jon Tuffley) hasn't said one word?	I imagine it's because
doesn't want to get involved.

(Man, did I forget to take my Prozac today? I'm in a "pissy" mood....)

Jeff Shoffner

PS Since I am in a pissy mood, something I want to get off my chest. 
wanting to for a while, but couldn't come up with a "tactful" way to put
 Yesterday, I got 75 pieces of mail; kept four, replied to one or two, 
trashed the rest, half of which I only read the first paragraph.  Today,
62, kept about five, replied to one, trashed rest, again half of which I
only the first paragraph.  Is it just me, or is the useful to useless
ratio a tad on the "useless" side?  Again, forgive the terseness, but
midnight, the baby gave us one hell of a battle today, and I probably
to take vitamins.....

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