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Re: FTL capable fighters - Reply

From: "Matt" <maffu@d...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:50:50 -0400
Subject: Re: FTL capable fighters - Reply

> The endurance is just for how many combat actions(attack ship/dog
> fight) that the unit may take part in.  The fighters can spend all
> day out, just take only 3 turns of combat actions.  Works pretty
> good for us.	It is more of a limitation of ordinance I think than
> actual fuel consumption.
>	 My 2 cents	
>	 That Chuk Guy

	My beef with the endurance rules isn't so much the regulation of

their 'combat effectiveness' as much as the rule that they have come 
into effect once all fighter endurance is used.  After those 3 combat 
turns of use, they have 3 turns and only 3 turns to get back to their 
mother ship or they all die.  That is somewhat of a silly rule.  The 
basic fighter group moves only 36 inches in that time.	So the idea 
of keeping your carrier free of the battle is suddenly ruled out 
totally.  You must keep your carrier close/within the fighting in 
order to recover your fighters at all (and remember that a carrier 
can't recover all it's fighters at once...)
	Normal carriers launch fighters and keep themselves as far away
the fighting as possible, but with this rule in effect, your carriers 
must be exposed to enemy fire the entire time they are on the table 
from A batteries and missiles just to name two threats.  Suicide 
becomes the order of the day for carrier crews.

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