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Re: SGII Scenarios?

From: Alexander Williams <thantos@d...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 10:11:50 -0400
Subject: Re: SGII Scenarios?

I have this joint DSII/SGII scenario; though I never received comments
on it, despite having posted it to the list:

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						    --- Hanno Solare
The occasional bughunt can be a blast.	My particular variant is a
squad of heavy powered armour marines dropped through a time vortex
into the remote N GA mountains being chased by N pick-up trucks full
of rednecks carrying shotguns (Pick-up Truck, DSII/SGII-style:

		     Dirtside II Vehicle: Pick-up Truck

   By: Alexander Williams
   Type: Truck
   Desc: Its a Southern Pick-up! There's a shotgun rack in the back
	 window.  The crappy camo paint job makes it harder to hit in
	 the back woods.


Equipment Item				   VSP : BVP	 Spaces   Cost
Vehicle, class 3			    15 :  0	     15     15
Armor class 0				    15 : 15	     15     15
Chemical Fuelled Engine 		    15 : 15	     15     18
Low-mobility wheeled			    15 : 15	     15     20
Level 1 stealth 			    15 : 15	     15     80
Space for 2 units of normal infantry	    15 : 15	      7     80)

The PA marines are Veteran units while the rednecks are Green at best.
If you're using SGII rules, the PA is light/slow (d10 armour, 6"
movement), with a built-in Gauss Rifle with integral grenade launcher
on the right arm (FP3, Impact d12), a close-assault vibro-blade on the
left arm (shift attack up one die-type in close combat) and a twin
buzzbomb rack over the shoulders (IAVR, 2 shots each).	There is one
heavy-weapons PA in each 3 man squad (yes, that means that you can't
put a whole squad in the back of a pick-up) who has a back-mounted
Multiple Launcher Pack (infinite shots) instead of the IAVRs and Gauss
Rifle.	This element also doubles as the leader.

The rednecks are nowhere near so well-equipped; they each carry a
shotgun (two die-shifts up in close combat) and a deer-huntin' rifle
(FP1, Impact d10).  They're considered to be wearing their huntin'
duds (d4 armour).

At the start of the game, put out three squads of PA on the table,
somewhere near the center.  One squad is the overall HQ group and
contains the platoon leader.  The goal of the PA troops is to recon as
much of the table as possible and return to the beginning location at
Turn 10 to be sucked back up by the time vortex.

The rednecks enter the board from the outside edge, at locations
chosen by their player.  They have no central commander and are
considered independent units, with one pick-up per unit, 9 rednecks
per unit (the driver always stays with the truck), a driver and two
four-man units.  Rednecks start with three trucks.  Their goal is to
`chase these fuckin' aliens back to ET's planet!  [cheering]'  If they
kill all the PA or chase them from the board, they're considered to
have won.

Both sides are considered to have High mission motivation; the marines
are trying desperately to get back to their own time, the rednecks
think they're savin' the worl' from goddamn commie aliens.

If the PA wins (likely in the first game), reverse roles and increase
the number of trucks by one.  If the rednecks pull off a victory,
reverse for the PA player (add a PA unit).  How many rednecks /does/
it take to destroy a bunch of PA-boosted marines?

Don't forget the rednecks are totin' shotguns, they can be nasty
buggers en masse in close combat.  If you're playing PA, take out
their trucks with your big cannons and then start chewing through
rednecks.  If you're playin' the rednecks, think like Bubba.  He
wouldn't want to go after them ugly bastards alone, would he?  This is
SF, not horror!

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