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OUDF organisation.

From: Tony Wilkinson <twilko@o...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 06:26:55 -0400
Subject: OUDF organisation.

	G'day, I hope I'm not about to start a flame war.
	For over a month now since seeing the first OUDF figures at SAGA
(first weekend in June) I have been thinking about how to organise small
units for SGII. Now I will point out that I dont have much experience of
SGII, as the blokes in the club I belong to are still getting their
(and themselves) together, but what I came up with made sense to me. I
also point out that Owen Glover has already had his ideas for a TOE
on the net. Anyway here goes.

	Basic squad, which I termed a Maniple is 5 men, 4 riflemen plus
with SAW making two fireteams (3 rifles, SAW + rifle)
	2 such squads with one rifle man replacing his(her) rilfe with
and GMS/L   make up a Section.
	3 sections plus a command section make a platoon. Command
consists of a basic squad plus a command squad of CO, 2IC and 3 man
team all with SMG

	Light Horse.
	Basic squad is 4 troopers on bikes. They dismount to produce a
single fireteam of 2 rifles + SAW leaving the fourth trooper with the
bikes.(Very "Light Horse" thing to do)
	2 squads make a section (Troop).
	3 Troops plus a command Troop make a platoon (Squadron). Command
Troop has a Basic squad (led by 2IC) plus command squad of CO and 3 man
Comms/EW team as for the standard infantry platoon.

	Power Armour.
	No squads. 6 man section is smallest unit. This consists of
leader (SECO) with APW, comms gear, trooper with MG, trooper with
weapon (Plasma gun, GMS, MG...) and 3 troopers with APW, one may have
over-the-shoulder-rockets (OTSR).
	3 sections plus command section make a platoon. Command section
the same as a standard platoon but replaces OTSR with comms gear.

	Well thats my two bob's worth. By the way, I know this is a bit
as most of the post concerning the smaller Nations was some time ago,
while playing at SAGA everybody KNEW that my fleet was the OU fleet even
though it includes figures from NAC, NSL, ESU, FSE and several from
manufacturers. Another player had an unmistakable Zulu fleet. What set
fleets apart was the paint job. That's not to say I'm a great painter,
not, but that the idea of painting native designs used in rock paintings
onto my mini's, worked. Besides what will really set the big boys apart
the second rank is the number of ships of a given size that are
For example both Australia and US use the Oliver Perry Hazard class
To the Americans they are little more than patrol craft, they have about
of them. In the R.A.N. they are major fleet units, we have 8 out of a
"combat" strength of 12 ships.

	Tony Wilkinson.
	"There is nothing new in the world,
	the trick is to think of it again."

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