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Assault Carriers.

From: "Phillip E. Pournelle" <pepourne@n...>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 07:59:38 -0400
Subject: Assault Carriers.

At 11:46 AM 7/4/97 -0700, Jeff Shoffner wrote:

>> Why not allow smaller escort carriers the ability to carry smaller
>> fighter types? No Heavy Fighters, Interceptors, etc...
>Now this I like.  It would make since that a patrol/escort carrier
>have light craft.
>> The other thing to look at is the Assault Carrier type of craft...
>Now there's a thought!  The 150 Mass Assault Carrier carrying twelve

	The United States was very effective in deploying jeep carriers
in WWII to
escort convoys and act as commerce raiders.  After the war was over we
converted some of these into helicopter carriers (LPH) for
of Marines ashore.  Assuming that a fighter is Mass 1 then a six mass
fighter bay could carry a mass 6 assault transport for landing
The question becomes whether it is cheaper to build a medium ship that
stream lined or the assault carrier.  I'll have to look at the number of
troops delivered per cost...  Of course survival issues also come up.
	Phil P.

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