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Re: Just wondering.....

From: Sprayform <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 05:26:12 -0400
Subject: Re: Just wondering.....

At 08:48 08/07/97 +0300,M K wrote:

>> Ah, but its not the KV that are so powerful its the low cost in
>...which is exactly my point. "Powerful" == "Worth more than the cost",
>"inferior" == "worth less than the cost". I don't care how powerful 
>something is in a man-for-man, ship-for-ship or pound-for-pound 
>comparison. It's point-for-point that counts. Your Death Star isn't 
>"poweful", gameswise, even if it can destroy a solar system if it costs

>so much I can field two solar systems against it.
True, but its also 'availability' that count's. I _don't_ allow
tec's (K V dont get beams and hu'mans dont get armour or railguns, its
fun ! so you end up playing the best of what you can get)

>> The SV are different, not better, not worse but probably longer
lasting and
>> this is to Jons credit, (until points are out!!) 
>As they don't have a points value, any comparison is pretty moot
>it aims at determining a point value), IMHO.

Untrue!! Name another ship that on one turn is stopping dead in your
arc with shields 3 up then the following turn is blasting you with the
equivalent of 21 A bats !!  or try running a human ship that you have to
roll each turn to find which systems will work!

>> As gamers we will always try to play with the best; 
>Do we really? Anyone else? Opinions?
>Is GW really right assuming everyone deep down just wants a bigger gun?
No, I think non-GW cultists search for difference in balance hence the
sucess of FT 

>Given a choice of playing either of two technically equally powerful 
>groups, one a vanilla rifle platoon and one a power armor squad decked 
>out with the latest neato gadgets and ultra-cool widgets, led by the 
>hot-off-the-press MegaCharacter Of The Month, which would you play?
>Personally, I'd take the rifle platoon most of the time.
Me to on 1-principle
	 2-I already have the reasonably priced figs
	 3-Better game play (you suffer ups and downs during the game
rather than OH S**T thats my super hero leader dead, ie 70% of		
my points!!!

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