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(Grav bikes

From: Darryl Adams <dadams@t...>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 07:43:06 -0400
Subject: (Grav bikes

Got my OU figures today.....I like them a lot!!!!

The grav bike is wonderfull!, here is my take on their stats , based on
the figure itself :

OU Grav Propulsion Bike ("Brumby", JR/A industries)

Size 1, Armour 1 (Side , Top and bottom 0, the armour is for the bike
only, if there is an area affect (rider gets d6).

Power Plant (Fusion), Drive system (Grav , capable of high mode)

Weapons : either    1 SAW , or a class 1 weapon (HEL1,	GAG1, or RFAC1)
(Plasma is a bit excessive and may endager the rider). Forward fixed.

If a non SAW weapon is takes, then NO free SAW is allowed.


RULES FOR GRAV BIKE in HIGH MODE.(discussion only)

The OU Light horse units rearly use high mode for their Grav bikes, as
it exposes the units to too high a risk of causlty from AA fire.
However, High mode allows faster deployment, and it is not unheard of OU
Light Horse deploy from high mode (this procedure is often called the
"Drop Bear" or "Besheba Ball Breaker"

The manouver require more coolness than normal, as the Grav Bike offers
NO protection for the rider against AA fire (except rudimentry ECM). If
AA achieves lock on a Grav bike, the TL test is taken as 1 quality level
lower than the normal quality level.

ie     Elite rolls as if Veteren
	Veteren rolls as if Regular
	Regular rolls as if Green
	Green rolls as if untrained.
	Untrained MUST abort as per AA rules.

If failed, the FIGURE aborts.If any figure aborts, roll a confidence
test as normal, with modifiers as if the aborted figure(s) are
casutlies. A failure means ALL Light Horse figures abort. They may
attempt to re-enter the battlefield again next turn (not next

Resolve the AA fire as per normal, taking cofidence tests if required as

Due to the speed and mobility of the Grav biles, a LZ needs only to be
2inces in daimiter.
However , unit integrity needs to be maintained unless the troops are
detached. Therefore  a Light Horse unit requires a LZ of 2inches times
landing figures in diameter.

Disembarking requires 2 actions, 1 the actual disembark, the second is a
reorganise action. If suppressed, the unit must complete a re-organise
(or detach) before being allow to move, therefore suspressions always
need to be removed first..

Any flames to their usual address (


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