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Re: Just wondering.....

From: jon@g... (Ground Zero Games)
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 03:42:03 -0400
Subject: Re: Just wondering.....

>Jason Stephensen wrote:
>> >Do yall only talk about figurines.....
>Actually, I do have a few points to make about figs.  I find them a tad

>expensive to buy and paint, etc. to go out and buy a whole fleet to use
in FT 
>and DSII.  Aside from using chits, I have thought of another solution;
>know, Axis & Allies and Fortress America pieces could work REALLY well.
>several types of tanks, lots of infantry, other 'funny bits of plastic'



>ANyone else have some good suggestions for low cost fig replacements. 
>course Jon won't; he WANTS us to buy figs!!!  ;)

Sure we do - we've got to eat :)
BUT we're also quite happy for people to play FT with anything they want
in fact there are plenty of suggestions in the rules for making
scratchbuilt ships.
Have a look in a craft shop for all sorts of cheap glass/plastic beads
things; the plastic "spares" from Games Workshop also can be very useful
(yes, they are good for SOMETHING!!) - take a couple of the "domed"
shields, stick them back-to-back and put a couple of plastic 25mm
on the sides as "drives" - hey presto, instant Trek-shape ship!

Jon (GZG)
>Jeff Shoffner

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