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Fw: Just wondering.....(KV vs Fighters)

From: "Roger Gerrish" <Roger.Gerrish@b...>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 20:39:04 -0400
Subject: Fw: Just wondering.....(KV vs Fighters)

> From: Peggy & Jeff Shoffner <>
> I have discovered a glaringly obvious weakness in the KV ships, but
> if my theory would work.  Except for the scatterguns, the KV have no
> ADS.	So my thinking is you send in your escorts and a few fighters,

> them waste their scatterguns on those ships, then send out your main
> wave of fighters to kill them.  Sounds a bit wasteful on the escort
> but it just might work.
If I was the KV player I would'nt be sitting around waiting for the
'escort/fighter attack, I would be using my superior thrust capability
close on the enemy carriers and thus force the enemy to hit me with all
fighters or lose his CVs. 
An attack by a few fighters does'nt really worry me, the armour on my
would greatly reduce fighter effectivness.(attack fighters an exception)
Also if you use the MT fighter movement it can be pretty difficult to
target a KV ship, its 'special thrust' capabilities can make it hard to
predict its final position. Best results I've had with fighters against
was using 'Heavy Attack' fighters, however they were pretty expensive
and I
still lost the game as my carriers were riddled by Rail Guns.

Regards Roger

PS Congrats to the US of A on the 'Pathfinder Mission'

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