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Smaller Nations' ship and fleet designs

From: Phillip Atcliffe <P-ATCLIFFE@w...>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 07:42:30 -0400
Subject: Smaller Nations' ship and fleet designs

With OU troops now available, my mind inevitably drifts to a related
what about OU _starships_? And, for that matter, the ships of the other
human powers -- the PAU, IC, IF, LLAR, FCT, RH, the Dutch, etc. What do
_they_ use for ships? Do they have their own, or do they get them from
the big

We know that the PAU use NSL powered armour, so it wouldn't be too much
a stretch to imagine that they might either use NSL designs or something
like them (here's a chance for modellers to produce lots of interesting
on the "standard" minis). Similarly, the LLAR, who have to have ships
they don't have any holdings left on Earth, IIRC, might have an
fleet since they are likely to retain links with Spain.

An interesting question -- one of many -- is whether or not the larger
would sell capital ships to the smaller nations, either before or after
the Kra'Vak
appear. Just how big a ship would a small nation feel they needed, or
afford? And what sort of fleet might a small nation have if they
mixed-and-matched classes from different big powers? Would there be
interoperability problems?

Of course, all that assumes that the little guys buy their ships rather
than build
their own. What then, both in terms of FT stats and visually, might an
starship be like (no jokes about 'roos, kiwis and boomerangs, please --
I think
I've heard them all already)? Or a ship from any of the other small

I note that Jon mentions in the latest FallOut -- and thanks for the
version, however accidental -- that we might see a big expansion in the
range. Dare we hope for UN and small nation ships?

Okay, over to you lot: what do you think? And Jon, if you have the time,
the "official" word on this?

BTW Jon, given the... ah, inspiration for the CR range, is there any
chance of
extra figures in that range for Alien Representatives -- say, "Female AR
in long
robes", both before and after transformation (of course, what some
people might
_really_ like is the aforementioned ambassador in the GC range!); "Male
quasi-reptilian AR"; "Male AR with awful hairdo"; and "Mysterious AR in
protective armour." Well, I just thought I'd ask...

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