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Fw: Deals with the devil

From: "Roger Gerrish" <Roger.Gerrish@b...>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 19:15:28 -0400
Subject: Fw: Deals with the devil

> From: Allan Goodall <>
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> Subject: Re: Deals with the devil
> Date: 30 April 1997 21:58

> I've seen their recent versions of WH40K and WFB, and I wasn't
> with the dumbing down and munchkining up of the games. I hear
> things about the latest Space Marine, but I'm not paying that kind of
> for their games. Besides, I have enough fun using their figures with

> Allan Goodall: 
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>  I'm riding high upon a deep depression. 
>  I'm only happy when it rains."    - Garbage

Thanks for all your comments on my question. 
I used to do a lot of playtesting for GW and wrote a few articles in
Dwarf about 5 years ago and I too am disapointed in the way they have
as you say some
of the older games 'Original WH40K', Adeptus Titanicus' etc were quite
to play but since then the games have just become vehicles for their
miniatures line. 
Its not that the designers are weak but they have been forced to follow
route dictated by the GW philosophy of aiming for the most lucrative age
group ie 10 - 14 year olds those with the greatest 'parent' spending
Its a shame because I know a number of 'cracking good games' are hidden
deep in the GW vaults but which in all liklihood will never see the
of day again.
With reference to the new WH40K Epic its interesting to note that a
very similar system SPACE MARINE II: HERESY was being playtested nearly
yaers ago, (it was much better than its new incarnation, probably not as
innovative as DSII but would have at least given it a good run for its

Having seen first hand how innovation and creativity have been
by 'market' pressures its very refreshing and satifying to see the likes
GZG continuing to stay true to the hobby and being so receptive to the
views of WE the PLAYERS.
Long may it continue.


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