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Re: Gamers and Tractor Beams

From: ericjw@c...
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 23:31:41 -0400
Subject: Re: Gamers and Tractor Beams

Phil P. wrote:

	Given that you can purchase a drive system that will accelerate
Mass 16 Vessel 4 inches per turn for 8 points, then a tractor beam
should be
proportional, possibly to an A Battery.
	So each Tractor Beam has 64 inch/Mass units of force that it can
apply.	We can use Costs and Arcs from the A Battery and say that each
controls 20 inch/mass units of force.  Roll 3D6 at ranges 0 to 6, 2D6 at
ranges 6 to 12, 1D6 at ranges 12 to 18.  You must roll a 3+ to cause
per die on an unshielded target.  You must roll 4+ against one shield,
against 2 shields, 6 against 3 shields.
	Firing the Tractor Beam occurs during combat, the effect in the
following round.  After ships have move, in accordance with their
move the affected ships towards each other in proportion to their
Masses.  Smaller ships tractoring bigs ones will be pulled towards them
(right Ahab?), while larger ships will generally pull small ones towards
	Tell Me what you think.
		Phil P.

Name: Eric Weatherby
Date: 04/28/97
Time: 20:31:41

That's a lot simpler than the system I came up with, and should have all
the effects 
that I wanted, which were: it should pull both ships, it should allow a
small ship to 
"hitch a ride" on a larger ship, and it should allow ships to slingshot
asteroids.  If you've playtested this, I would be very interested to
hear any tactics 
that you developed.

Also, would you suggest any additional cost for a tractor/pressor beam,
or do you 
think they should be separate beams?  I think the ability to keep an
escort loaded 
with submunition packs out at 30" or so would come in quite handy.

With great respect for your ability to make things simple,

Eric W.

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