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Re: Personalities in SGII

From: Otterboy <A00341BE@A...>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:07:43 -0400
Subject: Re: Personalities in SGII

Actually, I was just thinking about this the other day, because I set up
a couple of Stargrunt Star Wars battles (I called this "STARgruntWARS"
and used
Micromachine figs -- cheap, already painted, and if someone pours a beer
on them it won't bother me).  Anyway, all the scenarios are set on Hoth
(the "ice planet" from The Empire Strikes Back) and it is concievable
either Vader or Luke could show up on (well, fly across in Luke's case)
battlefield.  But think about this for a minute -- Vader in SGII.  Hmmm.
OK, he has a sword, a great close combat weapon, give him the sword
and he certainly causes Terror in his opponents.  He carries no weapons
than his lightsaber, but he could use telekenisis on rocks and stuff,
say to
the equivalent of a light pistol (close range only).  But the problem is
his armor roll -- in ESB Han Solo shoots at him, and Vader just catches
blaster bolts in his hand...the only thing that seems to be able to hurt
him is
a lightsaber (Vader bothers to parry Obi-wan's blows, and Luke hacks him
a bit).  So letting him on the field is to descend immediately into
where an invulnerable hero is able to slaughter millions of hapless
at no risk to himself.

Then again, maybe that would be a good simulation of the Star Wars
(And if anybody wants the scenarios, I can post them.)


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