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Re: Mecha! and Starship! From Flagship Games

From: jon@g... (Ground Zero Games)
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:19:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Mecha! and Starship! From Flagship Games

>On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Ground Zero Games wrote:
>> >Dear Everyone:
>> >	    I was cruising the Web in search of new vistas in gaming.  I
>> >WWW site of Flagship Games.  They have two games: Mecha! which is
>> >currently available and Starship! which is yet to be released.  I
>> >wondering if anyone had any info on these games.  
>> I thought Mecha! was published by Seventh Street Games (at least, my
>> is) - is Flagship the same company with a name change, or have they
>> the game?
>> Jon (GZG).
>	 Yes, they're the same company.  They just changed their name.

In that case, I can tell you a bit about "Mecha!". It's a Mecha game
Brian, wish I was clever like you....) designed for miniatures play
plastic kit mecha models (anything from a couple of inches tall up to
BIG ones), and is fairly generic; not terribly well put together as far
I can remember (a mech-head friend has my copy at the moment for
"research"), and looks a bit clunky in places, but may well work OK. One
particular thing is its use of 3D for flying mecha (it is mainly
combat, not space) with natty acrylic "poles" that slot together to give
different altitudes, with a platform on top to stand your mech model on
pretty, but also expensive....

Interesting to hear they're doing a Starship game - wonder if it is
space-Mecha/Anime orientated or a more conventional ship-to-ship?

Jon (GZG)

PS: If I can be allowed a [SHAMELESS COMMERCIAL PLUG] for a friend, if
anyone is into miniatures mecha games and wants a really fast, FUN game
that allows each player to operate several mecha and still get an 8-mech
game (for example) over in an hour or so, I can strongly recommend the
little A5 booklet MECHA CARNAGE put out by GOMI DESIGNS (who are mainly
and Simon Parnell, who do most of my typesetting for me on the GZG
Tim wrote MC and is putting it out as a "small press" publication,
fancy, but it works well and has a good construction system that allows
to build anything from steam-powered retrotech mecha upwards!
For more info email me, or Gomi at:

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