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Re: Surfin' Bugs, Dude! (Stargrunt II)

From: jon@g... (Ground Zero Games)
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 15:50:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Surfin' Bugs, Dude! (Stargrunt II)

>The clouds were rolling in on Cyrenus IV, when I first noticed the
>sights in the sky.  At first I thought, they were small planes, then
>bio weapons started spurting death all around me.  THEY WERE AIR
>BUGS, DUDE!  Apparently, they were each riding on grav plates: some
>round, but the majority of the grav plates were elongated, much like
>surf boards. 
>The air surfin' bugs were small, under 6 feet (1"), and armed with two
>handed bio weapons (3,D8).  There were about 7-15 in each group.  These
>were probably scout groups, because they did not appear to be wearing
>armour. Their skin looked as if it would provide a D4 armour roll.  I
>seen these bugs before; maybe in a dream, or in a local hobby store
with a
>GW stamped on their packaging.  The surf boards were affected by
terrain as
>per ground-skimming grav vehicles.  They moved 12" (D12 x 2 combat).
>Later that day, I saw the same kind of bugs, on the ground.  They were
>moving 8" (D8 x 2 combat).  I never saw the ground bugs with surf
>so I concluded that there were two types of these bugs: air surfin' and
>ground boogying. Unit quality appeared to be D6, both in ranged combat
>close combat. Their sensors were unaided eyes at D4.  I never saw any
>or special weapons with either bugs, so I concluded that these scout
>did not carry any.
>I named these bugs ASB's and GBB's (air surfin' bugs and ground
>Later installments will detail other bugs, that were encountered in the
>Beating Battle for Cyrenus IV.
>Yee Haa!  Ninja Cowboy

What is this guy smoking, and where can I get some...??  :)

Jon (GZG).

PS: Seriously, it's good to see someone not taking things too
(I think that makes sense, kind of).

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