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New SFB Game?

From: Joachim Heck - SunSoft <jheck@E...>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 14:28:34 -0400
Subject: New SFB Game?

Mark Andrew Siefert writes:

@:)	Hmmmmmm..... so TFG is coming out with a new minature space
@:) combat game based on SFB. I wonder...could they be trying to make
@:) the game simpiler and much more playable?

  Hmm... let's see, they'll need to add a new set of rules in the C
section to cover the new stacking limit of one unit per hex, plus some
more stuff in section D to modify weapons that get a special bonus at
range 0 since there no longer is any range 0, plus some ramming rules
(in section C again) and some modifications to the EW, Scout
Functions, Tactical Intelligence, Disengagement by Seperation, Black
Hole, Nova and Supernova rules (sections D, G, U?, C or D, R, R, R)
due to the fact that the hexes represent less space.  I think they can
pretty much keep all the other rules though.  I would guess that the
new rules would only require one module so we're only talking about 50
pages more than the current ruleset.

@:) Granted, it's just speculation, but why would they be coming out
@:) with a new set of rules when they've got one.  Has Full Thrust
@:) affected the space wargame market to the point where the overly
@:) complex games have been squeezed out of the market?

  Frankly (sorry Jon) I doubt it.  To people like me who come from a
strong SFB background, miniatures are irrelevant and FT is good
because it is customizable, not because it is simple.  I don't know
about new players, though - probably if they don't have someone to
help them get into SFB (as I suspect many people on this list did not)
they will have a difficult time of it.	The rulebook is daunting to
say the least.	And SFB does get very slow in large fleet engagements.
But if it's a small, DETAILED, battle between small numbers of ships
you're looking for (say <= 3 per player) it's real hard to beat SFB,

  I think most of the people on this list would consider a game like
SFB "overly complex" but I think it's complexity is what makes it
great.	I think FT is a fantastic game in a lot of ways but I think
the two games each have a place.  FT is sort of the 20/20 to SFB's
Frontline.  Ok so that was a completely incomprehensible analogy but
the point is that I think more people should try SFB, not fewer, and
they should realize that if they don't have nine hours or the
inclination to wade through 800 pages of rules (no joke) or if they
want a huge fleet battle with pretty miniatures, then there's FT.
Likewise, when people want a fantastic variety of technology, a
well-written and clear background universe, ships that don't give
advantage to one player or another and enough variety of systems to
provide the kinds of subtle issues that only the loss of two thirds of
your batteries can, they can turn to SFB.

  Sorry about this tirade against what was actually a humorous and
doubtless well-intentioned remark.  Maybe this has something to do
with the fact that I just shelled out $60 for the SFB basic and
advanced rules.  That's only about 200-300 pages.


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