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Re: Fighters or Bricks?

From: Samuel Penn <sam@b...>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 17:17:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Fighters or Bricks?

In message <> Jon wrote:

> >Is this what is meant, or are ships really limited to being only
> >able to change facing in 30 degree increments?
> Yes, this IS really what is meant - ships can only turn in 30 degree
> increments.

> The important point is that the
> written orders must define EXACTLY where the ship goes, and not leave
> leeway for the player to change this when he moves the miniature -
> otherwise it makes a nonsense of the advance (secret) order writing.

In that case, I always cheat <grin>. The way I write orders is more
of a reminder to myself how I wanted everything to move, than actual
orders. And yes, I have several times decided to send a ship in
vaguely that direction, seen where the enemy ships move to, and still
moved it in vaguely that direction when just a few degrees more would
put him in range of my wave gun.

Should I be keeping quiet about my 'fuzzy' measurements as well then?
(hey! I'm a roleplayer not a wargamer. Rules are just there to be
approximated :) ).

Be seeing you,

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