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Simple Robotech Conversions

From: Eric Fialkowski <ericski@m...>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 16:06:37 -0400
Subject: Simple Robotech Conversions

OK, here are some SIMPLE, quick and dirty, conversions for Robotech.  I
made the stats for the SDF-1 based off the model and Palladium's(tm)
There are some other stats for the ships on the web but I haven't used
for conversions.

Robotech to Full Thrust Conversions:
  I tried to make these conversions with as little changes as possible
to the base rules as possible.	Where necesary, I changed the rules that
are already in place rather than make a new one.

Weapon Changes:
Beam Weapons:
  Can fire into the aft arc.  Still limited to only three arcs, though,
   all arcs must be adjacent (ie no Port/Starboard combos).
Nova Cannon:
  Has two modes of fire: beam and spread.
  In beam mode, destroys any target in direct line with ship.  Does 2d6
   to any ship within 1" of this line.
  In spread mode, operates line in the book BUT does an extra 2d6 damage
   all ranges.
Pulse Torpedoes:
  These change to be swarms of missiles.  They do not have to be in the
   forward arc and they still only have one arc.
  These are not only fighters but various mecha and transformable
vehicle.  I
   didn't really see any need for a new type of "mecha" weapon.  People
   want these can use James Butler's mecha rules.
  These represent the pin-point barrier system.  If three shield systems
available, they can be put into full-barrier mode which stops ALL damage
up to
30 points, at which it explodes with a damage template like a Nova
Cannon, and
the shield are automatically knocked out as if by a threshold roll

New Weapons:
Battloid Transformation
  Cost: ship mass * 10
  Mass: ship mass / 10
    Main change is in weapon arcs.  Front arc becomes 9 o'clock to 3
  o'clock, aft arc is from 5 o'clock to 7 o'clock, port arc is from 7
  o'clock to 10:30 o'clock, and the starboard arc is from 1:30 o'clock
to 5
  o'clock.  All of thrust can be used for turning, but only half can be
  for changing velocity. Most be declared in the orders phase.	No
  changes can be made, and no weapon attacks can be made. Shields still
  operate, though.

  Cost: 100
  Mass: 0
    Can be used once every battle and is the only attack that can be
made that
  turn.  Each enemy ship rolls 1d6 and the value is the number of turns
  it can't do ANYTHING.  This roll should be modified by -1 for each
  battle that the ship was exposed to the dreaded Minmei attack.  NOTE: 
  weapon requires a symbol on the ship display but it is only ever
knocked out
  of commission on a "6".  A failure means that the Minmei weapon is
unable to
  get to her fans or a microphone for the attack to work.

mass: 350
Thrust:  4
FTL: tug (unrepairable threshold hit on this location)
4  FPS Class A Batteries
2  APS Class A Batteries
1  FPA Class A Battery
1  FSA Class A Battery
3  Level 1 Screen
4  Standard Fighter Group  (Various mecha)
1  F Pulse Torpedo Tube
1  S Pulse Torpedo Tube
1  P Pulse Torpedo Tube
1  A Pulse Torpedo Tube
1  Spinal-Mount Nova Cannon
2  Fast Fighter Group (Super veritechs)
2  Torpedo Fighter Group (Armored veritechs)
4  F Class 3 Railguns
Battloid Transformation

  In Battloid mode may ram any ship it wants by using the Daedilus
Shields are used to stop all damage SDF would receive from the ram. 
They will
NOT protect from any other attack.  Due to the fact it is carrying a
city inside the hull, the SDF-1 has a damage control rating of 18.  This
reduced by 2 for ever row of damage that it sustains.  Another advantage
this is that any fighters lost in a battle are automatically replaced

Still to come:
ARMD space platforms.
Zentraedi ships.
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