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Re: Fighters or Bricks?

From: jon@g... (Ground Zero Games)
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 07:34:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Fighters or Bricks?

>In message <> Jon wrote:
>> Under the basic rules, fighter groups can move in ANY direction on
>> turn, regardless of their initial direction - they also do NOT have
>> conform to one of the 12 set "courses" - simply move them anywhere
you want
>> up to their maximum (12") move.
>What exactly do you mean by 'set courses'? I've never taken the
>rules to mean that ships can only travel in 12 possible directions.
>I've assumed a 1 point turn is anything up to 30 degrees, a 3 point
>anything between 60 and 90 degrees.
>Is this what is meant, or are ships really limited to being only
>able to change facing in 30 degree increments?
>Be seeing you,

Yes, this IS really what is meant - ships can only turn in 30 degree
increments. This may sound restrictive (though it still allows twice the
freedom of a hex-grid) but in play is the only way of ensuring that
move exactly as written in their orders, which is one of the key parts
the movement system and the game tactics. Of course, if you prefer to
orders in degrees of angle and then move ships with a protractor, then
as long as your opponents all agree. The important point is that the
written orders must define EXACTLY where the ship goes, and not leave
leeway for the player to change this when he moves the miniature -
otherwise it makes a nonsense of the advance (secret) order writing.

Jon (GZG).

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