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From: Mike Miserendino <phddms1@c...>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 17:39:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Real Space Combat Help:

Allan Goodall wrote:
>>Black is the best color for a near perfect absorber of energy.

>Are you sure about that? Even black holes aren't perfect absorbers of
>energy. They absorb a lot but give off x-rays. Black paint and fabrics
>as my car!) absorb visible light, but that energy is radiated off as
>infrared (heat). I think if you paint your ship black, you'll have to
>channel that heat out somewhere. Mind you, if your ship was all black
>you could channel the heat behind you then your opponent in front of
>still won't see you coming. If he gets behind you, you'll light up the
>on his infrared detector.

Yes, black is the best color for a near perfect absorber of energy.  I
not say it was perfert, it comes very close.  Of all colors in the
spectrum, black reflects the least amount of energy.  Many systems
to absorb energy with little reflected back(such as surfaces used for
stealth  aircraft) use the color black for this reason.

>From what I remember, black holes emit radiation outside the event
as nothing including light can escape the interior of a black hole.  The
strongest emissions sources from a black hole occur at its poles.

>>I like an idea presented in the MegaTraveller's Starship Operator's
>>They described a chameleon exterior hull coating that could be
programmed to
>>display various paint colors and schemes from an onboard interface at
>Probably of more use in a ground warfare (i.e. DS2) environment than in

I think interface craft would benefit highly, requiring very dynamic
to work in any environment, and also would be visible before any ground
units were deployed.  In space, you could adjust to blend in with a
body, if one existed behind you, or just use a dark color such as black
help reduce reflected energy emissions.  Of course some snazzy shark
always looks cool even if no one ever really notices. ;)

Mike Miserendino

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