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Re: Thoughts on FT

From: "John W.F. McClain" <jmcclain@l...>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 14:35:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Thoughts on FT

   Can anybody tell me why scatterguns are just so much better than 
   submunitions packs?

Because clearly Kra'Vak mil tech is much better than human....

One thought I had was to allow humans to field a version of sub-packs
with anti-matter warheads.  Roll for damage normally but then
_multiply_ the resulting damgage by _4_.  Note this gives the
anti-matter sub-pack a very high variance, which I like, makes it
quirky.  If an unfired anti-matter sub-pack is destroyed in a
threshold role apply a point blank anti-matter sub-pack attack to the
ship (no way to safety fuse a mag-bottle full of anti-matter...)

4x damage may seem a bit high (after all the eqv mass of scatterguns
averages 3.5) but when you consider:

	It still has 90 deg arc (v. scattergun's 360)
	It is not useful against fighters
	It may exsplode, damaging the carring ship
	Its high variance

If anything 4x may bit a bit short.

Something similar can be done for missles...

I think it is nicely justifable in the FT/DS/SG time line too:

    Humans had thorticaly been able to produce anti-matter warheads
    for 20 years before first contact with the Kra'Vak, however, no
    power had fielded them because of the imposablity of building a
    safety fuzed anti-matter warhead.  After only two years of full
    fledged war with the Kra'Vak humanitie's back was to the wall and
    the previously unthinkable became necessary...

    [Cue music, swtich to a series of holovid shots...

	The NAC's Io munitions faclity blowing up after a production
    robot accidetendly runs over an anti-mater transfer line...

	An ESU stores ship blowing up after a minor hit in a supprise

	A NSL Lancer sliping into point blank range and
    destroying a previously undamaged Kra'Vak strike carrier...]

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