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Gorn Ship for SFB

From: schirmer@f...
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 12:32:05 -0400
Subject: Gorn Ship for SFB


I dropped the subject line in my previous post regarding the
question about SFB ships, so I'll repeat myself here to make
sure the answer gets through.


>>	  Okay, here's another appeal for help....  Does anyone know of
a book
>>or a web site that would have pictures of some of the ships from Star

There are a couple of places that you can look for this sort of thing.
Try going to John Kim's Unofficial Star Fleet Battles Home Page,  From there you
can go to the SFB Miniatures page of Battlegroup Ithaca on which
you can see a bunch of the minis.  You can also go from John Kim's
page to Derrick Kong's SFB page, which has "scans of product covers."
The product covers feature various ships.  The Gorn BC is on the cover
of module P6, for example.

>>I have these figures that are, I think, Gorn Heavy Cruisers from
>>the days when Fasa was responsable for the figures.  I think; I've had
>>guys for a while.  I ran across tehm the other day, and realized that
>>would be perfect for Assault Landers for DSII.  Each one is about the
>>size to hold four or five medium tanks.  The problem is this: the
ships look
>>like bricks with a sloped front,

>>	  ______________________
>>	/			|
>>     /			|
>>    /_________________________|
>>like this.  Each one has a pair of wings and a pair of what I assume
to be
>>warp nacelles as well.
>Sounds like you have Orion pirate ships to me, but I've been wrong
Good hunting,

Robert Schirmer

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