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Re: Gorn ship for SFB

From: "Donald A. Chipman III" <tre@i...>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 10:39:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Gorn ship for SFB

At 10:06 AM 4/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>	  Okay, here's another appeal for help....  Does anyone know of
a book
>>or a web site that would have pictures of some of the ships from Star
>There are a couple of places that you can look for this sort of thing.
>Try going to John Kim's Unofficial Star Fleet Battles Home Page,
>	From there you
>can go to the SFB Miniatures page of Battlegroup Ithaca on which
>you can see a bunch of the minis.  You can also go from John Kim's
>page to Derrick Kong's SFB page, which has "scans of product covers."
>The product covers feature various ships.  The Gorn BC is on the cover
>of module P6, for example.
>>I have these figures that are, I think, Gorn Heavy Cruisers from
>>the days when Fasa was responsable for the figures.  I think; I've had
>>guys for a while.  I ran across tehm the other day, and realized that
>>would be perfect for Assault Landers for DSII.  Each one is about the
>>size to hold four or five medium tanks.  The problem is this: the
ships look
>>like bricks with a sloped front,
>>	  ______________________
>>	/			|
>>     /			|
>>    /_________________________|
>>like this.  Each one has a pair of wings and a pair of what I assume
to be
>>warp nacelles as well.
>Sounds like you have Orion pirate ships to me, but I've been wrong
>Good hunting,
>Robert Schirmer
I think the confusion here results from different gaming systems.  The
Gorn ships look like flying bricks; the FASA Orion pirates look like
graceful ships (I always thought the Blockade Runner looked more like a
pleasure yacht).  Conversely, in SFB, the Orions are the ones with the
brick like ships, and the Gorns have the more rounded (multiple saucer)

Hope this helps,


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