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From: Win Baker <WinB@D...>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 09:18:02 -0400
Subject: RE: Real Space Combat Help:

Since I've been working on the same thing (in a longer form) for quite
some time, I'll lend some ideas. First off, at the normal speeds of
interplanetary warfare, ranges will, by neccessity, very large. This
creates a problem of time lag. Even a second or two lag increases the
need for computer weapons guidance. Optical systems will be at a
premium. Also, when you fire a weapon it keeps going, so if near planets
you have to keep that in mind. Another thing is the glare of the sun.

Directed energy beams basically heat a target a bore a hole in it.
Unless you have a VERY powerful energy source, not much damage can be
achieved (in the near term).

Thats about it. If there is the elusive "Theoretical Space Combat FAQ" I
would have found it by now. Hope this helps a little

Win Barker
Solutions onQue
As to missiles, blast effect is reduced in vacuum so direct contact is
necessary. I'm talking about blast, not fragmentation, which is much
more destructive. A cloud of peanut-sized balls exploded into the path
of a ship will, depending on the relative velocities, probably rip it to

> ----------
> Hello Everyone:
>	I'm writing a sci-fi space combat story for my creative writing
> class. 
> So far I've got most of the story fleshed out.  However, I want to be
> as
> plausable and scientific as possible. (The only place where I want to
> be
> technically vauge is hyperdrive.)  I have some general questions for
> all
> of you armchair physicists out there in GZG Mailing List land.
>	1.  Which would be better suited for space combat: lasers or
> particle
> beam weapons?
>	2.  How does a directed energy beam weapon damage a target?
>	3.  Which sort of missile warhead would be better suited for
> space
> combat?  Nuke or kinetic kill?
>	4.  I've heard that it would be a good idea to depressurize a
> warship
> before going into combat (the crew would be in space suits).	Why
> would
> that help?
>	5.  How would one target a enemy ship in space (realistically
> that is)?
>	6.  There would happen to be a "Theoretical Space Combat FAQ"
> somewhere
> on the net?  If there isn't there should be.
> I'd love to hear your responses.
> Later,
> Mark S.

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