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Re: Mines..

From: Mike Miserendino <phddms1@c...>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 18:57:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Mines..

Phillip E. Pournelle wrote:
>The Mines in FT are too week.	So just add one more die to the attack.

This seems OK.	I would like to seem a variety of mine types available. 
while back I mentioned how a group of us used moveable mines to create a
floating minefield.  This was much more effective than simply dropping
mines and hoping someone would actually fly by them.  We allowed each
launcher to either launch one mine per turn, or move one previously
mine up to 6" in any direction.  This gave more enhanced game play to
minelayers after all their mines have been launched.

System:      Mine Thruster Module
Cost:	     +5 to existing mine system.
Mass:	     No additional mass(negligible difference).
Movement:    Moves a mine up to 6" in any direction.
Description: Each mine laying system can launch one mine per turn or
move a
	     a mine launched earlier by the same mine laying system up
to 6"
	     in any direction.	MTM equipped mines launched by one mine
	     system cannot be controlled by any other minelaying system.
	     the minelayer symbol by darkening the box interior,
excluding the
	     mines themselves.

Here's something between a missile and a mine.	I got the idea from the
TSR game, Knight Hawks.

System:      Seeker Missile
Cost:	     8
Mass:	     3
Movement:    A seeker missile is dropped like a mine from the launching
ship and
	     remains in position until activated.  The missile is
	     when an enemy ship is within 24" of the missile from any
	     Once activated, the missile moves like a standard FT
missile with 
	     the exception that it can start movement on its first turn
from any
	     standard facing.  If more than one enemy ship is within
range at
	     any point during activation or movement, missile owning
	     may choose the exact target.
Description: A seeker missile is simply a missile with patience.  The
	     is fitted with enhanced sensors to operate autonomously. 
It can
	     accept all standard FT missile warhead types(Standard Nuke,
	     Needle).  This weapon system can help provide defense to
the rear
	     flank as well as work as a standoff weapon without
requiring the
	     launching ship to be in harm's way.  Use the symbol for any
	     missile with the addition of a circle drawn around the
	     Seeker missiles may be destroyed as per normal missile

>  The next question is:  are Mines invisible on the board.  If a
> ship drops a mine cluster, do the mines show up on the board?

I would say no.  The ship operating the cloaking device only conceals
itself.  Any launched mines should be instantly viewable on the board. 
downside to this is that the cloaked ship reveals its current position.

Mike Miserendino

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