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RE: Tech Levels in FT/MT

From: Win Baker <WinB@D...>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 12:15:35 -0500
Subject: RE: Tech Levels in FT/MT

That sounds suspiciously similar to a Win95 game that came out a few
years ago. I don't recall the name, but you had different classes of
ships including "colony" ships that could carry enough cargo to build an
outpost or a colony. At the end of each turn you received your revenue
minus the amount needed to maintain your fleet. One interesting note was
that you could "disband" a ship (i.e., it's gone) without regard to the
crew, equipment, whatever. This would only be used if revenues were
failing and you needed new capital. It was a great game.


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> From: 	Mike Wikan[]
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> Subject:	Tech Levels in FT/MT
> Our Campaign Tech levels are as such:
> TL1: C Batt, Submunition Rack, Hulls up to Mass 22,
> TL2: B Batt, Missile (Basic), Minelayers, Shield-1, Hulls to Mass 32, 
> TL3: A Batt, Missile (EMP), Basic Fighters, Pulse Torpedo, 
> Hulls to mass 50, ADAF, Needle Beams 
> TL4: AA Megabatteries, Advanced Fighters, Wave Gun, Hull to mass 70, 
> Missile (Needle)
> TL5:Dual  Combination Fighters (ex:Fast-Heavy), Nova 
> Cannon, Cloaks, Reflex fields, Any Hull size
> Everyone started out at TL1 for setup with 10,000 points to build his 
> entire fleet (including Orbital Shipyards/defenses) A player could 
> pay a one time fee at startup to boost his tech level by paying 1,000 
> credits per level (combined). So, for instance, if a player wanted to 
> start at Tech 3 he paid 5,000 of his 10,000 startup money.(TL2-2,000 
> + TL3-3,000) Obviously, players only Buy advanced tech at startup 
> after careful consideration. Every turn (month) players receive 1,000 
> credits for his homeworld plus 300 credits per colony plus 100 
> credits per outpost as revenue. the player then pays a flat fee of 
> 10% of the ship's build cost as a maintenance fee to support his 
> fleet. In order to advance Tech levels during the game, a player pays 
> an amount equal to the Tech level x 1,000 to advance and the Tech 
> level becomes available after 1d6+TL months.
> So far, it is working rather well !!
> Mike Wikan
> Game Design\Conceptual Art
> n-Space, Inc.
> A Producer of 3D Entertainment Products

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