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Thoughts on FT

From: Mikko Kurki-Suonio <maxxon@s...>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 02:35:41 -0500
Subject: Thoughts on FT

First, the poll results:

Seems like I'm in the minority with Sprayform. Everyone else

Sure, it's "realistic", but I'm playing a game for the fun of it.
I'm against premeasurement because:

a) It's a convention of miniatures games. Yes, there are two schools of 
thought here, but "no rulers 'til you mean it" is in the majority.
b) It bogs down gameplay. If you're allowed to premeasure one distance, 
you're bound to find the guy who wants to measure *all* distances and 
angles, *every* turn.

As for ranging shots, I find it a matter of personal honour not to take 
undue advantage from allowed measurements. I.e. I note which range 
bracket the shot falls in, counting "out of" as one bracket, instead of 
dwelling exactly how far the target is. I check which arc the target is 
in, not the exact bearing.

You're free to do like you please, ofcourse, as long as Jon doesn't give

a hard rule (I think he won't), but please note it affects tactics and 
especially the usability of large velocities greatly.

Just last Friday we had a game where the smaller attacker managed to 
elude a superdreddie's range by less than an inch for two turns,
the gunnery guy's plans royally. IMHO, it was an extremely interesting 
situation because it was largely accidental instead of a result of one 
guy honing his movement orders with a micrometer screw.

Ok some other thoughts:

Why doesn't armor have mass?
Which weapons ignore armor? The same ones that ignore screens except 
railguns and scatterpacks? 
How to combine screens & armor? Is protection-3 maximum?
What do C-batts need to roll to kill a heavy fighter?
How come there's a model for a standard Kra'Vak fighter when they don't 
use any?
Do missiles attack 360 or 270 degrees? The rules are contradictory.
How to make mines more worthwhile? Ok, mine-laying isn't a typical
activity, but the strategic cost should be reasonable. Specifically, how

come no one puts a missile warhead in a mine?

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