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What is FT? (was:Big vs Small ships...)

From: jon@g... (Ground Zero Games)
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 15:53:13 -0500
Subject: What is FT? (was:Big vs Small ships...)

>FT points system does not reflect this reality. Looking at Jane's, the
>Queen Ellies cost roughly 3 million pounds a piece (displacement about
>32000 tons) and KGVs were around similar figures, while a Tribal class
>cost about 467,000 pounds (displacing 1870 tons). 1400-tonnish DDs of
>Isis, Gallant, Admiralty and Escapade classes cost around 300,000
pounds a
>Thus one pound bought 0.01 tons of a BB but only about 0.004 tons of
>Sure, timewise the DDs come out first for a number of reasons, but what
>the points supposed to represent? Then we have shipyard sizes and blah 
>blah blah... this is not a simple issue.
>And even the US had most shipyards big enough committed to building 
>more carriers, nevermind the cost.
>> The infrastructure costs for a BB and
>> CV (i.e. Thrust efficiency cost) is proper and allows a DD squadron
of equal
>> value to destroy a capital ship. 
>Can you show a single historical incident where DDs (any number of 'em)

>operating alone sunk a contemporary capital ship at open sea?

I vill only say zis vunce......

FT is not modern naval warfare.
FT is not WWII naval warfare.
FT is not even pre-Dreadnought Ironclad warfare (though bits of it are
probably closer to this that anything else...)

FT is SCIENCE FICTION space warfare.

There; I've said it. I feel a lot better now....

< very, VERY big grin, just in case someone takes this too

Jon (GZG)
(Someone had to say it, so it might as well be me...)

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