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DSM range

From: gentloser@t... (David & Anita Crowhurst)
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 10:29:38 -0500
Subject: DSM range

Good news from GZG that there are plans for the 25mm infantry ranges to
made into 6mm for DSII. I have said before that I am a fan of the new
range, they look great once they are painted up and the level of
is very good. What I would like to see is maybe a few cammo variants
into the range, and the addition of the Accessories packs in the near
would add a lot to the range. In fact given the choice I would like to
my hands on the Accessories packs before the rest of the old CMD lines. 

I would like to end with a recommendation of the GZG mail order service,
have had contact with various manufacturers service in the past and
are never slow to highlight problem companies, so I feel it is right to
a few moments to highlight what I feel is a good comapny. Despite
moving to the new premises and taking on the old CMD lines, my recent
have been turned around remarkably quickly and the one problem I had
with a
couple of wheel sections was sorted in about 3 days. If they can improve
upon this when they get to the new premises then what is at present a
service will become exceptional. 

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