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Re: VGA planets, anyone?

From: Brendan Pratt <pratt@m...>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 17:31:17 -0500
Subject: Re: VGA planets, anyone?

Thomas Payne wrote:
> This may sound off topic (hell, OK, it is ;)) but is anyone interested
in a
> game of VGA planets? For those who haven't tried it it's a PBeM space
> ship/campaign type game.
> The PBeM game of Full Thrust (Council of War) that is being organised
> me of this. Soz if it's too off topic.
I have been interested in playing VGA Planets ever since I heard about
it several years ago, but who runs it?
> And ppl, is the torpedoe launcher worth more than an A battery and a B
> After all, in terms of mass they're equal. And has anyone had any
IMHO the pulse torpedo is not worth it unless you tweak the accuracy and
points cost (possibly even the mass) - most players I know use the Pulse
Torp as a benchmark by which to check the balance of other and new tech.
> with needle beams? I'm thinking of creating an anti-capital ship ship
to add a
> little something to out current games.
> I was thinking maybe a heavy cruiser with 2 sheilds and as many beams
> as permitted? Purpose designed to knock out sheilds and drives,
leaving the
> enemy flagship a floating husk...
Used one in a campaign locally - it was a pirate ship and I had a letter
of Marque to capture ESU and Kra'Vak ships for the NAC - found the
reliability was spotty but fun (only lost 1 ship out of three, and that
was to those pesky railguns...). 
> And another point (they're comin' thick n fast). If a ship has it's
> nuked while going at, say, 2", it's eventually gonna hafta leave the
table. Can
> it re-enter?

I think the rules indicate that it cannot re-enter once it has left the
play area, but it would depend on the type of play area you were using
(floating or fixed map).


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