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Armored Missiles

From: Chad Taylor <ct454792@o...>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 14:48:13 -0500
Subject: Armored Missiles

I've noticed that some people on the list have complained that Missiles
are too powerful.  This has been the opposite experience in our
What we have seen is the mounting of 3-5 PDAF on a large Capital (100
mass) and smaller ships mounting an ADAF and maybe a PDAF as well. 
encounters usually mean that a typical missile will have to survive
8-12 dice of AF fire.  Not many get through.

The Kzinti (a heavy missile using race in our compaign) have developed
following missile systems to try and make their ships a threat again
to mention save there homeworld.)

Armored Missile

Mass:2	Cost:6

	The Armored Missile is a variation of the 'normal' nuclear
detonation type of mine.  It has sacrificed explosive power for an
increased survivability factor.  The AM does only 1d6 of
damage (ignoring shields as normal) to enemy ships that it hits.  All
movement and endurance is handled as a normal missile.	
	The AM advantage is in survivability.  In order to stop an AM
hitting a target it must be hit by PDAF or ADAF fire two times within
same volley.  So that if a ship was defended by 6 dice of AF fire (maybe
PDAF on the ship and 2 ADAF from escorting ships) you would have to roll
two 6's to stop the missile instead of only one 6.

In campaigns that are a little more missile friendly the AM might be
the top.  An easy way to lower its capabilities would be to lower the
endurance to 2 turns.  (The missile sacrifices range and power for
increased survivability.)  Other missile types (needle, EMP, etc) could
easily be modified into an armored form by lowering there abilities.  

Missile Racks

Mass:3	Cost:10

	A Missile Rack is made up of one missile launcher and four
missiles.  Each MR may launch only one missile per turn.  As each
is launched cross off one 'round' from that MR system, MRs may not share
missiles within the scope of one tactical engagement (scenario).  The
missiles carried by the MR are a variation of the 'normal' nuclear
detonated missile, but are not as large or fully capable.  An MR missile
will detonate causing 1d6 damage (ignoring shields).  The MR missiles
follow the normal missile movement rules and restrictions (endurance,

Again, players who feel that this system is too powerful may find that
easy fix  [other than simply not allowing it of course :) ]  is to lower
the endurance of the MR missile to two turns instead of three.


Mass:1	Cost:3

	The Mini-Missile is an off shoot of the MR technology.	It is
simply a scaled down version of the 'normal' missile or an MR missile
loaded in its own launcher.  It has a damage capability of 1d6 (ignores
shields) and follows the normal movement and endurance rules for

The purpose of the MM is to overload the missile defenses of high ADAF
PDAF mounting ships/fleets.  It is also useful for putting some (small)
missile presence on even the smallest ships.  As with the above,
the range of the MM can help balance it in more missile-friendly


That is about it for the current Kzinti tech advances.	The tech has
been developed and no ships have been outfitted with the systems as of

Chad Taylor

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