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Fleet Morale

From: "Darryl Hills" <dhills@w...>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 08:13:45 -0500
Subject: Fleet Morale

We have found that a lot of battles tend to be fought to the death.  The
fleet morale rules were not to our liking so we use the following:

The morale rating of the fleet is:
(1 x each Escort class) + (4 x each Cruiser class) + (8 x each Capital
class) + 4 for the Flagship.
The Flagship must be chosen from the largest class of ship available.(We
like to have a flagship to add a bit more interest to the game.  Players
will go to great lengths to make sure their flagship survives)
Each time a ship is destroyed or exits the table subtract the following
from the fleet morale rating:
Escort class - 1 point
Cruiser class - 4 points
Capital class - 8 points
If the ship was the Flagship subtract an additional 4 points.
When the Morale rating gets to 50% (round up) or less the fleet may
The first time it reaches 50% roll a D6 on a roll of 6 the fleet
Everytime a ship is lost after the 50% mark has been reached make an
additional roll, adding 1 to the die for each additional ship lost.

Darryl Hills
Sydney, Australia

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