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Re: Beams and size classes

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 23:30:43 -0500
Subject: Re: Beams and size classes

At 08:21 PM 11/28/96 +0000, you wrote:
>'Lo, folks,
>	     here's a modification of an idea I (and I'm sure lots of
>eg Allan Goodall) have had concerning ship classes and beam weapons. 
>basic idea is that Cs are "appropriate" for Escorts, Bs are
>for Cruisers, As are "appropriate" for Capitals, and AAs are
appropriate for
>Capitals and Superships, especially the latter.  An "appropriate" beam
>weapon requires the usual number of Mass points.  An "inappropriate"
>single-arc weapon requires double Mass allowance, a 2- or 3-arc weapon
>triple.  It is therefore just possible to shoehorn a 3-arc A-Battery
into a
>superdestroyer FTL hull, perhaps as a monitor, but only just.
>Rob Paul

	Here's a thought to get C-bats used more: Extend this
appropriateness idea in the other direction. If you're building a
cruiser or
a capital ship, maybe give a guy a break on mass points if he buys
C-bats in
a group. They might be limited in range but if you could get them at two
a single point of mass I for one would have to consider their use
It makes sense--depending on your background universe. Traveller and
Leviathan and Star Wars are all universes where the dominant weapons
to be bays or arrays of lots of little guns. If on a supership you could
B-bats at a mass discount--that would be something to think about. It
also be a good way to represent those Star Trek movie era phaser
know the ones, where two weapons are always fired together. Maybe a rule
where you can get grouped weapons at a mass discount but a single
roll would damage both weapons or something like that. That way you
explain the mass discount as the grouped weapons sharing components
(maybe a
single capacitor or a single connection to the ship's fire control
and so damage to one is effectively damage to the other. I dunno.


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