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Re: Stealth Fighters

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 13:51:05 -0500
Subject: Re: Stealth Fighters

At 02:48 AM 11/28/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Great guys, exactly the sort of feedback I wanted.
>So the general opinion is that these buggers are a little too powerful.
> Maybe they should have endurance -1 to reflect the smaller payload of
>stealth fighters.  Also, how about making the fighters -1 in all
>fighter-fighter attacks (ranged or dogfight).	My thinking on these is
>they are not impossible to see and attack, just much harder, so that by
>time an enemy has achieved a firing solution, the fighters will have
>their attacks.  There would be less defense against them, but isn't
that the
>whole point of a stealth design?  Fighters and dedicated Aegis ships
>ahead of the primary targets are the best choices.  An Aegis (ADAF
>ship which was not the target of the fighters would be able to fire on
>fighters on its turn exactly as normal.  However, if the stealth
>were targeting the same ship, the fighters would get to fire first,
>of taking the defensive fire before their attack.  ANy surviving point
>defenses could then attack the fighters, presumably made more visible
by the
>emmisions of their attack.
>Any other ideas?

	What happens during fighter to fighter combat? Outside of
dogfighting, do stealth fighters get to fire on other fighters first? Do
ordinary fighters have to dogfight stealth fighters that haven't fired
because they can't see them at range? 

	I like this idea--it reminds me of the Shadow fighters from
Robotech. The Invid in that series could target fighters and ships by
locking onto their protoculture and the shadow fighters had protoculture
cloaking devices.


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