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Re: Beam Weapons

From: "Joe A. Troche" <trochej@s...>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 12:47:09 -0500
Subject: Re: Beam Weapons

At 09:32 PM 11/23/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I use B and C batteries by mandating their use in my game universe. A's
>only allowed on capital ships, B's are the largest available to
>and C's are used on escorts. What's more, in my Age of Iridium
>C's are the secondary mount. If a capital ship has A's, they can only
have a
>maximum of 4 with any other beam batteries mandated as C's. Cruisers
>have up to 4 B batteries, but the rest must be C's. 

This seems quick and effective and you can justify the modification
energy considerations.	However, it seems a bit stifling and assumes all
technologies are the same.

>Actually, I go a bit further than that by dictating the ORDER in which
>mount batteries. For instance, if a capital ship mounts an A battery
for the
>fwd/port/stbd arc and an A battery for the rear/port/stbd arc (I allow
>arcs), the ship must mount 4 C batteries before it is allowed to mount

Huh?  Is this a Union rule, Government regulation, or Corporate Mandate?

One could consider energy requirements versus 3 power plant sizes
cruiser, capitol) in terms of power output, capicitors, weapons
etc.  Using this, it would be easy to come up with some REASONABLE
rules.	However, such an addition to the rules would be like adding a
limb, an useful but unneccessary complication.

Mike, when is GZG gonna make the A batteries mass 4 ?!?

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