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PBeM "Council of War"

From: tsmccart@e...
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 08:37:02 -0500
Subject: PBeM "Council of War"

Okay, I was trying to not clutter the list, but then I accidentally
replied to 
the list and caused no end of trouble...

Here's what I've got:
Jim Bell*
Adam Delafield*
Allan Goodall*
Mark Kochte*

Rob Pruden 2
Chris Larue 3
Mike Smit 4
Matthew Seidl 5
Michael Llaneza 6
Dean Gundberg 7
Tom Granvold 9
Brian Cantwell 10
hal 11
Mike Wikan 12

Brian Lojeck  Lurker
epowles   Lurker
James Butler   Lurker
Kevin Walker   Lurker
Tom Payne   Lurker

* Given priority for reasons of logistics or previously hosted a mailing
of Full Thrust game I enjoyed

Given my plan to have 10 to 12 players, I can't guarantee a command for
Wikan.	I'll see what I can do though, because I've enjoyed playing
Mike in the past.

And now I will try to keep this from cluttering the list after this.

Tom McCarthy

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