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Re: PBeM games?

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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 21:47:00 -0500
Subject: Re: PBeM games?

>> Does anyone know of any newbie (i.e. first timers) PBeM games around?
I'd like 
>> to join one, but most of them seem to be experienced PBeMers only.
>> There must be a FEW newbies around SOMEWHERE, surely?
>    Actually I think you'd find that any of the PBeM games would work
>well for you.	All you really need to know is the basic Full Thrust
>rules.  Things like how to handle movement and fire weapons.  Having
>the More Thrust book would help, but is not required.	I've know
>people play PBeM without it.  Other players on your side or the
>one running the game can fill you in with the needed information,
>just ask.
>    Full Thrust is an easy system to learn and PBeM is also easy to
>pick up on.  So go ahead and try one.	You'll find people willing to
>help when needed.

I whole-heartedly endorse Tom's comments. As most of you know I've run a
number of FT/PBeM games, and I've had no problems bringing in newbies to
a scenario. Hell, we all had to start somewhere, eh? ;-) And FT is
enough with the rules to allow newbies to join right up there in the
with the experienced veterans. I think in the half dozen or so PBeM
I've run in FT only one had a full compliment of veterans; the rest had
mix of vets and rookies.

So, if a game is advertised, go ahead and ask the starmaster who will be
running it if it's okay if you can join, even if you have little/no
I'd say 9 times out of 10 that wouldn't be a problem. And like Tom said,
have teammates and the ref to help you out/point you in the right
direction ("I
said a heading of 10! 10!!" ;)

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