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Re: B5 Rules

From: Jim Bell & Christine Hartig <jnbell@i...>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 23:43:52 -0500
Subject: Re: B5 Rules

Hi Mark, interesting rules but I have two questions.

1) Energy Weapons

Weapon | Weapon Mass/ | Damgae Dice/
Type	 |  Points Cost | Recharge Time
Type 1 |	2/4	    |	1 dice/1 turn

Type 2 |    3/8     | 2 dice/2 turns

Type 3 |    4/12	    | 3 dice/3 turns<

Are these tech level 1 thru 3 or tech level 1 weapons only?
Either way you do more damage mounting type 1's over the type 2 or 3
due to a faster recharge rate. Seems that if you three different types
they should all charge at 2 turns possibly.

2) Sensors and ECM

There is no indication how the tech levels of the races effect these
systems. The EA ships could not even lockon to the Minbari fighters in
the war, but if a mount Superior sensors on an EA ship against a Minbari
fighter basic ECM he is going to lose.

or did you mean
tech level 1 ~ basic
tech level 2 ~ enhanced
tech level 3 ~ superior
at no cost, any ship from the race is fitted with the sensor/ECM gear.
Better equipment would require mass/pts to install.

Shadows special rules: No ECM at all because everyone and
there brother seems to be able to target a Shadow. The only problem is
that it takes lots of people to hurt them.


Jim Bell

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