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Re: Plasma Torpedos (was Cosmic Balance + FT)

From: dgundberg@b...
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 16:46:15 -0500
Subject: Re: Plasma Torpedos (was Cosmic Balance + FT)

On 11/20/96 Chad Taylor wrote:

>This is what we are going to try for plasma torps in an upcoming 
>General rules:
 >Each torpedo moves and attacks in the same manner as a missile.
>Damage from the torpedo ignores shields and Kra'Vak style armor.  The 
>torpedo has a seeking life equal to the number of dice of damage it has

>(so a type 'S' will last for three turns on the board).  At the end of 
>each turn the torpedo loses one dice in damage strength so that on its 
>last turn it simply fades away (so that on the first turn an 'S' torp 
>would do 3 dice of damage and on the third turn it would do 1 dice of 
>damage).  PDAF and ADAF offer no defense against the Plasma Torpedo, 
>rather normal battery fire can be used to reduce the damage.  A ship
>ship, at any range) may choose to devote some of its battery (AA,A,B,C)

>fire to destroy the incoming Plasma Torp.  For each point of damage
>to the torpedo by the battery fire it will do one less point of damage 
>against any target it may hit.  The arming of a torpedo is handled in 
>much the same way as a Wave gun.  Each turn a dice is rolled for each 
>torpedo that is to be armed and a total is kept for each torp.  When
>total is equal to the number of dice in that torpedo type then the 
>torpedo may be fired.	
 >Plasma Torpedo, type 'D':
>Mass: 1  Cost: 10, may only fire from 1 arc
>The type D is a short range weapon.  It has a beginning strength of
only 1 
>dice.	It may however target and destroy fighters and missiles.  If a 
>fighter or missile is within 6 inches of a type D then the torpedo may 
>choose to attack the missile or fighter(s).  A missile is automatically

>destroyed on a roll of 5 or 6 on d6, in the case of a fighter group the

>squadron will suffer d6 casualties (as per Kra'Vak Scattergun).  As the
>has only 1 dice of damage no roll should be made for arming it, it may 
>fire each turn.
>Note: the type D can be death for fighter wings and missiles.	It is 
>designed for a race that would have no other defense against such
>and this ability should probably be deleted for races that have access
 >to other tech (PDAF, etc).  If you go this route I suggest that you
 >the D to be given multiple arcs at a cost of +3 points per arc.
 >Plasma Torpedo, type 'S':
>Mass: 3  Cost: 20, may only fire from one arc 
>The type S torpedo has a beginning strength of three dice.  
 >Plasma Torpedo, type 'R':
>Mass: 5  Cost: 30, may only fire from one arc
>The type R torpedo has a beginning strength of 6 dice.  Only Capital
>ships may mount a type R torpedo.  
>I was thinking that the type R needs something to make it stand out. 
>Maybe the multi arc damage to armor that you mentioned.  Possibly 
>adding pseudo plasma torps is a thought also.
 >Chad Taylor
 This version if a plasma torpedo is very similar to the one I was
 on.  I do have a few comments and changes that I think would make this 
 weapon more balanced.
 I think the type 'S' is with a mass of 3 has too much power for the
 It has 3 times the damage potential of a pulse torpedo out to 18" but
 less mass and is almost as powerful as a wave gun.  The type 'R' is 
 definitely more powerful than a pulse torpedo so should not be the same

 mass, and should probably be more massive than a wave gun.  I would
 their mass and cost as follows:
 Type 'S' - Mass 8, Cost 25
 Type 'R' - Mass 12, Cost 40
 The arming of a plasma torpedo seems a little quick with an 'S' being
 to fire after 1 turn 67% of the time when a wave gun fires on the first

 turn only 17% of the time.  I would change the plasma capacitor to be
 to hold 2 times the base dice of the torp (6 for the 'S' and 10 for the

 'R').	For each die damage of the torp when fired, 2 points from the 
 charge would be needed, meaning the strength of the torps can be varied
 charge pts = 2d6 torpedo, etc).
 Pseudo Plasma Torpedo
 Only the 'R' would be able to fire pseudos and would only have 3
 available.  To fire a pseudo torp, 1 charge point would be needed for 
 every 2 turns of life the pseudo torp would have rounded up (2 points =
 or 4 turns, 3 points = 5 turns).  Pseudo torps may not be fired during
 same turn a true plasma torp is fired, even if there is enough power
 in the capacitor.  A pseudo torp acts as a true plasma torp until
 as a pseudo plasma torpedo when it takes a single point of damage from 
 beam fire and is destroyed or when it attempts to attack a target and
 no damage.
 Those are my modifications. I think a little more tweaking may be
 like the number of pseudos available, but that is what playtesting is
 Chad's campaign should give more info on how these play.  Any comments?
 Would a painted cotton ball make a good plasma torpedo miniature?
 Dean Gundberg

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