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Re: Mines (was A,B,C Beams)

From: Brian Bell <103311.1205@C...>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 14:39:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Mines (was A,B,C Beams)

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Message text written by libald

"On a seperate note, does anyone use (ever) minedroppers?  I've found
worse than useless, and even bumping them to 4d (as a beam), no one in
group uses them.  Does anyone out there bother?"
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We use the following vairant:
Nova Mine. This mine uses a plasma generator similar to the SMNC.
However, the
plasma sphere is not self-sustaining, and there for only lasts 1 round.
addition, it is not nearly as powerful.
1) Increase number of mines to 6.
2) Upto 2 mines may be placed during a turn.
  a) Player writes down coordinate of mines and turn placed.
  b) Mines may be placed anywhere in a 6" radius of the path the laying
     takes during the turn it is laying mines. (no markers, write down
     coordinates from a designated corner of the play area.)
  c) A ship that lays mines may not use any other offensive weapons.
4) Mines become active the turn after they are layed (std).
5) Mines (sensor/trigger) range is increased to 6"
6) Mines explode in a 6" radius (largest template for SMNC) whenever ANY
   (friend or foe) cross in range. Any ships that cross the template
suffer 1d6
   actual damage (ignores screens & Kra'Vak armor).
  a) A mine WILL destroy another mine that is in range (destroyed mine
does NOT
     explode unless caused by another ship crossing its sensor range).
7) Once a mine explodes, it is dead.
8) Mine sweepers range is also increased to 6".
  a) On a result of 1 any other ships that cross the damage radius are
  b) On a result of 2 the mine's sensors are jammed and will not go off
     reguardless of how many ships cross the detection area. 
  c) On a result of 3-6 the mine is destroyed before it may damage any
9) Any ship may use active scanners to detect a mine. 
  a) Scanning ship must state the coordinates it is scanning.
  b) On a roll of 4+ it will detect any mine in a 6" radius of the
     (largest SMNC template).
  c) Enhanced sensors add +1, and Superior sensors add +2 to the roll.
10) Cost: 15, Mass: 5.

Brian Bell

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