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Re: Conventional DS2?

From: Barry Cadwgan <bcadwgan@f...>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 11:05:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Conventional DS2?

Ludo Toen wrote:
> Nick Meredith wrote:
> > It all appears to come down to a matter of choice - specialisation
> > generalisation, but I suspect that another reason may have been the
> > spuuly of 17dr guns and munitions. To introduce these into US
> > production would have been a major change, whereas the long 75 &
> > guns were a much smaller change.
> I'll have to check on monday, but I'm pretty sure the artillery part
> my EOD training featured a 17pdr HE-T round. The T(racer) shows that
> is designed to be used with guns who have a line of sight to the
> they're no use in artillery weapons. I'm not sure about 17pdr weapon
> platforms in use at the time, but it seems a HE round did exist.
> Ludo

I have a _vague_ memory of reading that on the Sherman Firefly,
ammunition stowage was short (they removed the hull machine gunner and
moved the radio to a welded-on turret bustle) so they loaded pretty much
all armour piercing given they were 1 Firefly to 3 Regular Shermans in a
Troop.	The others did the HE jobs, the Firefly punctured Panthers and

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