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FTL fighters/missiles

From: Chad Taylor <ct454792@o...>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 16:10:36 -0500
Subject: FTL fighters/missiles

These three systems have been developed in the context of campaign play.
They do have some interesting applications to the normal tactical play
however, so I thought I would clutter up the list and see if anyone
the idea.

Cruise missiles

'Cruise Missile' is the designation for any normal (standard, needle,
EMP, L-R) missile that has been modified to make FTL movement.	The
missile may move onto the board using the same procedure that a ship
would.	The missile is treated as if it was launched on the turn prior
the beginning of the game (turn '0'?) so that if it entered in the
beginning of turn 1 it would have already expanded 1 turns endurance. 
ship that launched the missile must of course be included in the fleet
(you cannot just buy missiles), however there is no restriction on what
turn it must enter the board (so it could very easily choose to remain
'off board' the entire game if the player chooses).  

Cruise Missiles are too small to harm ships due to coming out of FTL in
close proximity.  However the missiles are at risk.  For each ship
(enemy or otherwise) within 6" of the missile roll a d6, on the roll of
'6' the missile is destroyed (just as if it had been attacked by a PDAF
from each ship).

The cost of converting a normal missile to a Cruise type is 15 pts,
is no increase in the mass.  A cruise missile may be launched as a
missile during the normal course of the game if the player wishes
(assuming it was not launched on turn '0' into FTL of course).

Long Range Missiles

Any missile may be converted into a Long Range Missile (standard,
EMP, Cruise).  A Long Range Missile has an endurance of 5 turns.  It is
most often used in conjunction with the Cruise missile modification so
long range bombardment of enemy forces can be carried out with the
cruiser staying safely away.

The conversion of a missile to that of a Long Range Missile increases
mass of the missile to 3 and the cost to 10 pts per missile (25 for a

Cruise Fighters

'Cruise Fighter' is the designation for any normal fighter that has been
modified for FTL movement.  Any type of fighter may be modified in this
manner (Fast,Heavy,Interceptor,Attack,L-R,Torpedo,Standard).  The cost
the fighter group is 2 pts per fighter (12 for a group).  In addition
cost of coming on the board expands 1 turn of combat endurance plus one
more turn of combat endurance for each turn the fighter group spends in
FTL, if it chooses not to come out on the first turn.  Example: a
group that entered the board under FTL at the beginning of turn 1 would
have expanded 1 turn of combat endurance while a group that enters at
beginning of turn 2 would have expanded 2 turns of combat endurance.  As
you can see the most common type of fighter to be modified is the
Long-Range fighter.  

The fighters follow the same basic rules that ships follow for entering
the board under FTL.  Fighters however are to small to harm ships (or
anything else for that matter) because of entering the board from FTL in
close proximity.  Fighters however will take damage from ships.  The
squadron will take damage from each ship within 6" of it just as if it
been attacked by a PDAF from each ship.

Cruise fighters may leave the board under the same procedure as ships.
They may not however return after leaving the board under FTL as the FTL
engines on the fighters require heavy maintenance after being used.

The Carrier that launched the fighters must be included in the
fleet. There is however no restriction on which turn it must enter the
board, so it may safely remain in FTL (off-board) for the entire game. 
is mandatory only that it be included in the buying of the fleet.



Within the context of the campaign we are running one turns endurance
(missile life, fighter combat endurance) is expanded per two campaign
hexes traveled.  

Chad Taylor

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