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DS2 Miniatures (was Re: Conventional DS2?)

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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 09:35:30 -0500
Subject: DS2 Miniatures (was Re: Conventional DS2?)

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As a matter of interest, watch out for GZG's new range of 1/300 scale 
miniatures. They are micro scale versions of our popular 25mm resin
The first models in the range are now available in the UK (hopefully
soon in the
US) with others to follow soon. These are the Gauntlet APC and the AV-6
Sculpted by Kev White, they are superb miniatures (even if I say so
being faithful copies of their big 25mm cousins - with every panel
clearly to be
seen!! Retailing at £1-95 for a pack of 3 they are some of the best
micro scale 
models I have seen.

(Shameless plug mode off)

BTW, for any folks in the north of England, GZG will be at Recon '96 in
Leeds at
the end of this month. (Not yours truly, but Jon, Dave and Tim should be

Mike Elliott, GZG

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Subject: Re: Conventional DS2?
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Date:	 21/11/96 11:39

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>On a more conventional FT List note, Scotia Micromodels have been 
>advertising a large range of SF armour lately, along with several types
>infantry.  Most vehicles appear to come in 3 flavours, tracked, hover
>grav.	Scotia at their best are damn good, so I reckon I'll be ordering

I was generaly disappointed with most of Scotia's range. I prefer more 
futuristic looking tanks (The scotia range that you mention is a set
on conventional hulls with either an air cushion added round the hull,
flat plates instead of tracks. They do have new turrets). Scotia also do

another range of SF vehicles labeled 'Imperial' or some such. These are 
more futuristic looking grav tanks, and a tracked mobile fortress. Worth

If anyone wants some very futuristic looking grav tanks, try the Dark
range. These are microarmour based on Denizens Federation and Phug. The 
later model Federation (The Grav ones, not DSF-1, 2 or 3 which are quite

poor) are IMHO quite excellent. The Phug would make excellent 'Alien'
wether that be Kra'Vak, Phug, Eldar, little green men or whatever. They
are in scale with Space Marine stile figures, being someewhat larger
standard microarmour (Or the Future Wars range anyway). Well worth a

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