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Re: Cosmic Balance + FT

From: Thomas@s... (Thomas Payne)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 16:29:56 -0500
Subject: Re: Cosmic Balance + FT

In message <> writes:
> Thomas writes,
> >  I'm probably too new to the game to start designing, but I'll give
> something 
> > a shot. 
> Never too new to start designing!  ;-)


> >  Cluster Bomb Rack	 Mass ??  Points 10
> Based on your description, I'd say it ought to cost more than a
> which is 3 mass and 10 points. Maybe Mass: 4, cost 15?

That sounds reasnoble. Mind you, if I give it a limited lifetime it'll
slightly less effective. After all, mines last the entire game.

> >   ship model, it detonates like a Plasma Torpedo; that is, 1d6
points of 
> >   damage to the hull, regardless of screens.
> Nice!  But maybe the bomb should only have a certain number of turns
> it runs out of power?

Hmm. Maybe. Perhaps 3 or 5?

> >    The bombs may be attacked by PDAF/ADAF. If you wish to use them
in this 
> > way, 
> >   you may not attack any fighters that turn. Roll a D6; on a 5-6 the
> is 
> >   destroyed.
> In MT, missiles can be intercepted the same way, but only on a roll of
6 due
> to their small size. However, I'd say a cluster bomb would be less
agile than
> a missile, so a 5-6 to intercept makes sense.

Oh. Well, glad to see I'm thinking along the same lines as MT <G>.

Does anyone have any views/opinions? Would you play against it/use it?

> Scott
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 Tom Payne

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