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Re: Mold Masters

From: dgundberg@b...
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 17:10:11 -0500
Subject: Re: Mold Masters

	John Crimmins writes:
	>I was in Kay-bee toys today, making my weekly check (The damned
>Micro Machines Star Wars Robots pack is STILL at regular price!), and I
>some molds meant for a product called Mold Master, which has been
getting a 
>lot of discussion on r.g.m.m. of late.  Apparently, it's some sort of
>that is used to melt metal, pour it into molds, and produce miniatures
>various sorts.  The molds that I saw were for a pair of spaceships, and

>actually looked half decent.  Unfortunately, there were no photographs
>the box, and there was no way of telling the scale of the ships. 
Frankly, I 
>can't imagine something like this producing models of really good
>but I've been wrong before.  Plus, if the metal is soft enough, it
might be 
>pretty easy to modify the results and produce different ship classes. 
>anybody heard anything about this item?

 There is a Toys R Us across the street from my office so I took another

 look at this product during my lunch hour.
 It was called Metal Molder Die-Cast Factory and for $25-$30 you get the

 base that melts the metal and pour it into the molds along with 4 
 different molds (wizard, motorcycle, skull, dragon) jewels(?) and
 metal to do several castings.	Then there is the Spaceship mold set for

 about $10 which includes molds for two different spaceships, jewels(?)
 metal for a few miniatures.  Extra metal was $8 for an 10 miniature
 The spaceships look more like fighter types with wings and such.  I
 seen the molds and the minis are smaller than I thought, not even and
 long and wide if I remember correctly.  They remind me of Silent Death 
 miniatures and are about the same scale.  They could be used as escorts
 small cruisers.
 I recently saw another ad for the base unit with different box art that

 had a spaceship of the Flash Gordon type (smooth with fins in the
 The whole setup looks interesting but the cost seems to be higher that 
 just buying miniatures.
 Mike Miserendino writes:
 >I've seen what you're describing.  For casting my own minis I've used 
 >products from Castolite and Synair and obtained fairly good results. 
 >Currently I am using resin to cast my minis to produce lighter ships
 >mounting on bases.  If you wanted to cast metals, the molds work fine 
 >with lead and have casting products available for additional metals
 Mike, what are some good mail order or web sources for these products?
 Dean Gundberg
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