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Re: Variant PDAF/ADAF Rules

From: "Tick you're alive, tock you're dead" <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 08:32:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Variant PDAF/ADAF Rules

>>>  And the ships armament is vulnerable to an extent, especially the
light stuff.
>>>  Come to think of it we should have special rules for firing at a
>>>  recovering or launching fighters. Nasty stuff getting shot though
an open
>>>  hanger bay, could get grim if something big hits in there. Brings
>>>  memories of cool scenes from Battlestar Galactica and from the Wing
>>>  Commander novels, especially _End Run_ and _Fleet Action_.
>Which reminds me of one popular local complaint about FT. There really 
>no such thing as a critical hit. You've got to pound the shit out of a
>big ship forever, to neutralize or destroy it. Not as satisfying as 
>seeing a WWI German cruiser blow sky high on a magazine hit in a game 
>of Panzerschiffe the other day. And remember the Hood?
>What kind of critical-hit rules have folks put into their games?

Errrrr...FT doesn't have critical hits?? Well, maybe I'm mistaken, but
I was under the impression that Threshold Checks equated to critical
hits. I've seen some big ships 'go down' after taking only 2 runs
the Threshold Check procedure. In a recent PBeM/FT game I ran, a couple
of the Omega-Destroyers (90-some Mass ships) really took a beating in
the Threshold Checks, even though they still were viable vessels as far
as hull integrity was concerned.

"Oh, yes. You. Prepare to die, Earth scum. Again!"

"Oh, I think you've made your point. Now sit down and shut up so we can
go home!"

"Look. When a vastly superior alien culture comes all this way to take
over your world, certain basic laws of planetary conquest apply. For
example, when someone points a quad-vected, hyperthermic cosmoblaster
at you, it's a fair bet you're about to become toast."

"Will you please sit down and be quiet?!"

"Or perhaps in your case, a whole loaf of toast!"

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