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Another dumbass Q with dumbass Reply!!

From: SimonC@d... (Simon Campbell-Smith)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 05:02:55 -0500
Subject: Another dumbass Q with dumbass Reply!!

Epic does work very well with DSII. I have myself been overwhelmed by	
Orcs as my ESU battlegroup fought to the last man. There are of course
official rules to convert Epic to DSII, but there are some posted at   
various sites (I can't remember which). However with a little
you can do it yourself. DSII and FT are there to be altered played with 
and modified to suit  the games you want to play. GZG are not Games   
Workshop and do not dictate what figures you must buy to match this list
and that. If anything I believe that (Please Mike correct me if I am   
wrong) but GZG have been under pressure to produce there background   

The Wave gun replaces the dreaded Nova Cannon so loved of power gamers. 
None of the of the new system unbalances the game badly not even the   
Kra'vak. I will fly in the face of opinion by saying that a well
fleet of the human variety can whip the Kra'Vak. It is just a matter of 
tactics (Thats another posting folks!).  Do go and buy	More Thrust the 
rules are good the background stuff is really interesting! I would like 
to toss another can of petrol on the fire by saying that in general the 
GW purist I have met over the years seem to spend more time being rules 
lawyers than games players! The most vocal arguments at our club are   
between the GW players. Maybe I am getting old and bigoted myself but	
perhaps this is what makes this the friendly mailing list that it is!

From:  FTGZG-L[]
Sent:  17 November 1996 20:00
Subject:  Re: Another dumbass Q

In message <> "Mike Wikan" writes:
> I have found that the new rules in more thrust actually sped up
> gameplay by adding nastier weapons like Wave guns, Nuke missiles, and
> the much feared Kra'Vak railgun batteries! BUY It!! Heavy Fighters,
> Fast Fighters, and Torpedo Fighters alone are worth the buy. Plus, If
> you purchase Dirtside II it helps integrate the two systems to allow
> for Planetary assaults!! (Wahoo!!)

Sounds good, BUT...

Does it make it like Epic, 40k or some other tabletop games in that the 
with the "railgun" or "supah dupah nuclear-kill-eze deathstrike missle" 
waste almost any other ship in one round?

Could someone (in private email mebbe) give me a rough (v rough; I'm not
for the rulebook ;-)) idea of how some of these systems work. Especially
railguns. They sound cool.

Would my Epic stuff work with the DirtSide II rules? I hear it sometimes
If it helps, I have an Eldar and Chaos Epic force.

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