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Re: Conventional DS2?

From: M.J.Elliott@u...
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 04:25:57 -0500
Subject: Re: Conventional DS2?

A while ago there was a discussion here on the subject of contemporary
for DS2. Charles Thumann did most of the work, with modifications by
others. You can find the results on Andy Cowell's web site:

I wrote an article for Ragnarok (the journal of the SFSFW) on DS2 for
folks are interested I'll dig it up and post it (it's not too long).
Yes, DS2 
works pretty well for both contemporary and WWII. Some of my playtesting
done with a NATO/Warsaw Pact setup and I have tried the WWII rules in a
game and
I was quite pleased with the results.

The reason it works as well as it does is that DS2 is designed to be
If you think about it, SF forces don't have to be "high tech" with grav
or better. They could really be any tech level you like (remember
tech levels). Have you noticed that there is a cavalry troop type in
Anybody tried it? If you've read it you might remember the use of horse
transport in Jerry Pornelle's "Falkenberg's Legion". (If you haven't,
then read 

Personally, I don't think DS2 would work for troops of a tech level
earlier than
say Earth 19th C. but maybe someone can prove me wrong...

Mike Elliott, GZG

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Subject: Conventional DS2?
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Date:	 19/11/96 11:03

I've been going over my stash of unpainted lead and I came across some
M1A1s, Bradleys, and BTRs that I'd purchased aeons ago for a modern
game that never materialized. I went through some of my modern armour
and realized that none of them are as fast paced as DS2.

You've probably guessed the purpose of this thread. I've been thinking
Mark Siefert's future history and I got thinking about current and near 
future weapons. For instance, I thought of giving the T80s a size 3
four) fast-tracked vehicle with armour 3 and a class 3 HVC with a
fueled engine. M1A1s would be size 4, fast tracked, armour 4 and a class
HVC, with a CFE. 

Does anyone have any comments on this? Has anyone used DS2 for
armour games, such as the old Warsaw Pact versus NATO style of game
in a Twilight 2000 style alternate history)? How about near-future
games? I 
think DS2 loses some of the detailed differences between weapon systems,
that in turn makes it faster paced than similar systems. I'm not sure 
there's enough detail in DS2 to use it for WWII (I don't think you'd see

enough of a difference between, say, a T-34, a Panther, and a Sherman),
I think it would work for modern games.

If no one has done this before, is anyone out there interested in the 
results? I have a Russia versus Ukraine scenario in mind (with an
NATO unit thrown into the mix). I'd rather do it in DS2 than learn
game system, like GDW's Combined Arms.

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