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Re: Another dumbass Q

From: John Kovalic <muskrat@m...>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 21:29:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Another dumbass Q

>In message <> Jim Bell & Christine Hartig write:
>> One thing to remember about the two countries is that the GeoHex
>> minitures are packaged with a stand.
>Hmm. I saw the stands the other day; I must say that they look quite
>useful. A
>white arc at the back for rear arc and the rest of the base notched

Hmmmm. I took the arc notched in the bases to be the FRONTAL arc. Hmmmm.

Nevertheless, I'm glad (in a way) to hear the bases aren't in the
packs - I was shocked that fighters that cost 95p in the UK were $6.50
here! This at least makes the US pricing a bit more sensible.

The bases are great - very sturdy, and I've attached 3/4" washers to
undersides so that they can be carried on magnetic sheets. Paint scheme:
black bases, white arcs and flourescent green notches.

I didn't think they'd look good, but they look a lot better than the
plastic bases. Plus, they don't break off as easily.

Call me a convert.

John Kovalic

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